Chalda Maloff                                                                                                            Photo by Max Yawney

Don’t Test the Depth of the Water with Both Feet will be a part of the Crumbs of Wisdom exhibit at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art 8/10/24-9/6/24

“Maloff’s…paintings are not only exquisitely beautiful…, they take you on an artistic quest that is as emotionally rich as it is visually compelling.”
        Dar Dowling, ModernNYC.

“Having viewed your art again after many months, these artworks look more creative and interesting than I remember, even iconic.  I congratulate you on them.”
         Don Archer, Director, MOCA: Museum of Computer Art

“The luminous and enigmatic works of Chalda Maloff captivate the viewer with a confluence of art and science.”
        Kristen T. Woodward, Professor of Art, Albright College

“CARPE DIEM destaca… artista norteamericana Chalda Maloff, Segunda Mención de Honor, por su poética expresión abstracta y pureza de recursos.”

“Chalda Maloff’s paintings bring to mind the powerful compositions of Arthur Dove.”
        Jerry Saltz, formerly senior art critic for The Village Voice.