Chalda Maloff              Artworks available on  SINGULART                                                                                                              Photo by Max Yawney
“Having viewed your art again after many months, these artworks look more creative and interesting than I remember, even iconic. I congratulate you on them.”
Don Archer, Director, MOCA: Museum of Computer Art”

“The luminous and enigmatic works of Chalda Maloff captivate the viewer with a confluence of art and science.”
Kristen T. Woodward, Professor of Art, Albright College

“CARPE DIEM destaca… artista norteamericana Chalda Maloff, Segunda Mención de Honor, por su poética expresión abstracta y pureza de recursos.”

“Chalda Maloff’s paintings bring to mind the powerful compositions of Arthur Dove.”
Jerry Saltz, formerly senior art critic for The Village Voice.